What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross—or just “cross”—is a popular fall and winter discipline of cycling. Broadly, it combines the speed of road racing with the technical challenge of offroad and mountain biking. A cyclocross bike is very similar to a road bike with the exception of a slightly different geometry and knobby tires to help with handling in rougher terrain.

A cyclocross race takes between 30 and 60 minutes, and is ridden as laps of a short course between 2.5 and 3.5 km in length (or roughly 1.5 to 2.1 mi).

More info about cyclocross as a discipline, visit the HELCX site.


Cyclocross at Season Final

Season Final hosts one of the events that make up the capital region cyclocross cup, HEL CX Cup. True to the typical demographics of the cup, Season Final will feature riders of all levels from top racers down—without forgetting the juniors, women’s categories, and hobby/novice riders. Everyone’s welcome to spectate or even participate—a mountain bike is fine for the hobby category if you don’t yet have a cyclocross bike. To cap the day off, there’ll be a short introduction to the course and the discipline for those curious (no bike needed for that, but feel free to take one).

The course in Kivikko is about 2.9 km in length, and takes advantage of the climb of the ski park as well as the fun, rolling lawn hills of the park area. A draft image of the course can be found at the bottom of this page.

The course will be in use throughout the entire day until about 3pm (15:00). There are several great places to watch the race from, but do keep in mind that during this time you must cross the track at designated crossings only.

Taking Part?

Absolutely! Instructions for signing up to race  at the HEL CX site!


Race Starts and Schedule

The race at Season final comprises 4 separate starts split up by the duration and speed of the race. The maximum number of participants in any start is 100.

Start 1 (9:30am): Women’s Race
  • W Elite, W Cat 2
  • Duration ca. 45–50 minutes
  • Cyclocross bike, UCI compliant
  • Full course
  • Televised
Start 2 (10:45am): Open/Men’s Race
  • Open (M Elite), Men Cat 2
  • Duration ca. 60 minutes
  • Cyclocross bike, UCI compliant
  • Full course
  • Televised
Start 3 (12:30pm): Juniors
  • Girls’ and Boys’ age categories U8, U10 and U12
  • Duration ca. 20 minutes (probably 2 laps)
  • No restriction on equipment, cx, mtb, push bike…
  • Shortened, easier course
  • Personal assistant allowed on course if the junior wishes to have one
Start 4 (1:10pm): Remaining Race Categories + Hobby
  • Men Cat 3, Girls and Boys age categories U14 and U16, and Hobby/Novice category racers
  • Duration ca. 40–45 minutes
  • M Cat 3 and U16 require cyclocross bikes in UCI spec, Hobby/Novice and U14 have no equipment restrictions

Post-race introduction (starting around 2:30pm):

  • Short intro to the discipline and the bike
  • Followed by a tour of the course, Q&A, and perhaps small tech clinics if there’s interest

Please note that changes to the categories assigned to each start are possible once the final number of participants is known. Any changes will be announced by 21st September.



Course Layout

More info for racers later, but the course will roughly follow this design: