Trial Cycling is skilled driving where the aim is to drive on difficult spots without setting foot to ground or falling.
The order in race is measured by driving skills. Typically a race contains 5-6 different sections that contestants drive through two or three times.
If they put a foot to ground or fall, they get penalty points. After the race the competitors' penalty points are added up,
and the competitor with the least penalty points wins. 


Preliminary race

Approximately 50 riders participate in the preliminary race, all classes:

  • Elite
  • A
  • B
  • C super
  • C General
  • C free
  • C general girls (drive the C general route)
  • C free girls (drive the C free route)

The duration of the race ca. 4 h, at 11-15.

6 sections are driven (see the map below), 3 laps, 18 sections in total.

2 of the sections are located in connection to the BMX track; the remaining 4 are on the adjacent rock.


The 4-6 (flexible number) best ones in B, A and Elite categories drive in the finals, altogether 12-18 riders, the duration of the finals ca. 20-35 min in total (one driving performance ca. 1-2 min).

Each rider drives the finalsection (near the BMX track area) one time. The driving order is reversed to the preliminary race.